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The mission of our foundation is to help like-minded people who are ready to implement socially significant projects communicate and work together


Whom do we help?

Anyone who solves global and social problems in one way or another.

We provide an opportunity to support non-profit organizations, startups and projects aimed at improving public life.

We find people from all over the world and help them with their needs

Antares, with its developed infrastructure, has organized a foundation that allows people to post socially significant projects on the platform and implement them.

The development of the foundation is important not only for individual citizens but also for the state. The higher the role of such organizations in solving social problems, the higher the level of involvement of the authorities in these problems—the sooner the welfare of our society is improved.

Fundraising program

Looker is a mobile app that helps the user to create a look* with the items in his/her wardrobe.

*In fashion, the term look means “style, outfit”.
These are clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up—everything that creates a person's unique style.

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Fundraising program

Antares Dog Help is a project aimed at improving life and providing all kinds of support and help to the animals in need.
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